Now that we have some members, I wanted to share some long term goals of!

I want to create a platform that is a little different than some of the typical sites you might frequent for things related to Software Engineering. There is a lot of free (and great) content out there on the web. Learning about software development today can be easier than in the past. However, you now have to comb through lots of content, some of that content can actually be wrong or even harmful to long term learning.

Long term Learning

I want this to feel like you have access to a Staff level coworker. The type of content I will be focusing on will be things that can last through your career. Be it programming solutions that can adapt to what you are currently working on, or long form thoughts via our podcast and blog posts.

As a Staff Software Engineer at PlayStation, I have knowledge of how to grow as a person, and in your career. I help people at work daily, and care deeply about those I mentor. I want this to be a journey we take together, long term.

What is in it for me?

I am trying something new. Teaching isn't new to me, nor is mentorship, but I want to share my experience with more people outside of my workplace.

I will be releasing content that is free, but also content that is exclusive to paid members.

There will be 3 tiers of user types:

  • Non subscribers
  • Subscribers
  • Paid members

Non subscribers:

  • Access to lots of content, posts, and our podcast


  • Access to exclusive content
  • early access to content
  • notified of when new content is released

Paid Members:

  • All of the above
  • Exclusive content only for paid members
  • Early access to books I am writing

How much will this cost?

I haven't figured out the pricing model yet! I am trying to envision myself early in my career and having access to a Staff level software engineer, and how much I would pay for that. It's not going to be super expensive, but I also want to be fair to my time!

If you decide to join as a paid member today, you will be an early adopter helping me make take this journey.

Thanks and please share your thoughts with me on twitter!